The most common vaccinations are seasonal vaccinations against influenza and tick-borne encephalitis. Influenza vaccines are available from October until the first months of the new year. Tick vaccines are administered throughout the year, although demand is highest at the start of the spring and the tick season in March–April.

Other basic vaccines (tetanus, polio, MMR) and HPV, herpes zoster, varicella, meningitis and pneumonia vaccines are also administered at Aava. In addition, we provide vaccinations for travellers to protect them against the following diseases: hepatitis, yellow fever, typhus, cholera, rabies.

The need for vaccinations is always assessed at an appointment. At Aava, you can book vaccination appointments directly without a referral.

Book a remote appointment with a specialist through our online booking service. Our customer service team will also assist you in English and help you find a suitable specialist and time for the appointment. Call +358 010 380 3838.

Most of our physicians and other experts speak English. You can check this and other language skills on each expert’s profile page.

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